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Performance iMalevich is two iPhones nailed to a black square
Performance iMalevich is two iPhones nailed to a black square
⬛️ As a symbol of the fact that 100 years have passed since Malevich's manifesto "Black Square", and everyone in his pocket already has his personal "iMalevich" ????, and HOWEVEREVER THIS, the world of art is still at the same point of perception as 100 years ago.

ART GROUP IZ @mr.black_geo and @ksyubrice #artgroupiz

And now a couple of my favorite quotes from Casimir:

  • Always require art to be understood, but never require you to adapt your head to understanding.
  • An artist can be a creator when the forms of his paintings have nothing to do with nature.
  • And your misunderstanding is quite natural. How can a person, who always rides in a tarataika, understand the experiences and impressions of riding express or flying in the air.
  • And there is a big difference between the art of creation and the art of repeating

  • Forms move and are born, and we make new and new discoveries. And what is open to us cannot be closed. And it is ridiculous that our time to drive into the old forms of the past time
  • The art of materialism is the idea of the savage - the desire to convey the visible, but not the creation of a new form.
  • Art knows neither light nor darkness, both are equally beautiful, both make up the contrast that creates beauty; there is no white or black, left or right, there is no transmission, no task, no facade...
  • The black square has become a symbol of the nihilistic negation of the cultural treasure, the burden that mankind has gained.
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