Dear friends and lovers of street art, I want to present you a new project "CARDBOARD". In it, I play the role of both the curator and the artist.


most importantly, I invite you to become a member
(and it makes no difference whether you are a street artist or a spectator with your own unique look)
Now let's talk about the concept of the project. He has some very important goals.
✎ As an artist, I want to get away from painting in this project and tell the viewer my stories from the world of street and flood art
✎ As a friend, I want to introduce you to unique personalities and their stories that they broadcast through urban space
✎ As a stranger to you, I want to get acquainted with your street art and combine these stories on cardboard. See the world through your eyes, hear your love story to the city and tell the world about them
✎ As a curator, I want to draw your attention to the voice of the city and the symbols of its walls. Show details that you may pass by every day. Maybe reveal secret meanings. Or vice versa, plunge into complete unconscious. Inspire to create something new again or push for the first dialogue with the walls of your city
But we all know that street art is not eternal,
therefore, the main goal of the project:
combining artists and sensitive observers of the world,
perpetuate their art on cardboard


Фрагмент 1: sticker XYX | sticker "pirveli" and "magic_khinkali" BRICE | street art fragment from Siberia, Omsk, Russia
Фрагмент 2: tag IMON BOY | graffiti and sticker #magic_cucumbers and #magic_khinkali BRICE | Siberia, Russia
Фрагмент 3: art mosaic WALLS MARKERS | sticker-cardboard KHVOSTOVSTVO | #Space_Invaders by BRICE |
Фрагмент 4: sticker SAKVO SKVGKNRS | sticker salut_zima | sticker SQUEEZER, CRYSTAL stencil and sticker #MAGIC_KHINKALI BRICE | and unknowns
Фрагмент 5: cover magazine "FLAMINGO" | stencil "WARNING" MR. BLACK | sticker vanesovromb (SUGROB GALLERY) |
Фрагмент 6: stickers Anton Kupriyanov | (SUGROB GALLERY) |
Фрагмент 7: stickers Denis Rusakov | (SUGROB GALLERY) | magic_cucumber BRICE |
Фрагмент 8: stickers AVDOSH GOROSH, streetart Mick Samek
Фрагмент 9: stencil MR. BLACK |
Фрагмент 10: unknowns artist

Хочу представить вам первую работу в этом проекте. Для удобства я разбила работу на фрагменты, что бы можно было познакомиться с каждым автором и рассмотреть работу поближе

Фрагмент 1: sticker SHIT - Роман Валиахметов, sticker CUCUMBER - Ксю Брайс, Tbilisi, Georgia
Фрагмент 2: tagging КИСА, Georgia
Фрагмент 3:stickers Костя Ведж
Фрагмент 4: tagging SHIT - Роман Валиахметов , stickers Cucumber - Ксю Брайс, Novosibirsk, Russia
Фрагмент 5: graffiti РЫБЫ - Соня Маевская, УТОЧКА - Ксю Брайс
Фрагмент 7: artist @pahtu3, Siberia, Russia
Фрагмент 8: sticker @rayderart Tbilisi, Georgia
Фрагмент 9: sticker Marx Aviano, from USA
Фрагмент 10: illustrator Pablo, word "ЛЮБОВЬ" - Siberia, Russia
Фрагмент 11: unknown art street Tbilisi, Georgia
Фрагмент 12: first stickers STICKER BOMBING
Фрагмент 13: unknown art street Tbilisi, Georgia, artist "К" - Кусок, Siberia, Russia
Фрагмент 14: cover magazine "FLAMINGO" Tbilisi, Georgia
Фрагмент 15: flood art SPACE INVADERS LEGO "GARAGE", Moscow, Russia
Фрагмент 16: unknown art street Tbilisi, Georgia

If you want to take part in the project - ✐ then enter your return address marked "CARDBOARD" in the form below and I will contact you!
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